Cloud Dynamics Inc., founded in 2011, is a technology company focused on Software-Defined technology (SDx) to deliver cloud solutions. Our products transform “Service Providers” into efficient “Cloud Service Providers” by leveraging Software-Defined Infrastructure and Operations to truly achieve the Software-Defined Data Center .

451 Research calls Cloud Dynamics’ technologies ‘radical’ and ‘ahead of the curve’.

Cloud Dynamics develops industry-leading cloud management software. A pioneer in cloud automation through software-defined technologies, Cloud Dynamics’ tools simplify IT complexity and streamline operations, making businesses more agile, efficient, scalable and profitable. By cloud-enabling infrastructure with our open, vendor-neutral platform, we empower IT to deliver services from any device, at any time, from anywhere.

Cloud Dynamics offers highly agile, open and standard, software-defined and highly secure turnkey products and solutions that helps MSPs, enterprises and government entities better manage IT to drive the success of their business, while saving time and money.

Offered as an industry-leading cloud solution to enable organizations to efficiently and quickly build and operate distributed on-premise or off-premise cloud environments, Cloud Dynamics’ IT management solutions empower MSPs, enterprises and government entities to:

Discover: discover new and existing infrastructures across widely distributed environments and apply intelligent analytics to plan an optimized cloud configuration, reducing risk, time and cost.

Automated Build: using software-defined infrastructure to build optimized cloud solutions from bare metal to cloud orchestration software from standard hardware with provisioning tools and known hypervisors.

Monitor: continuous monitoring of the cloud infrastructure from bare metal servers and virtual machines to data center facilities, to predictively identify upcoming issues and maximize availability.

Operate: software-defined operations apply policy-based automation and predictive intelligence to control and automate infrastructure management, and proactively identify configuration corrections to avoid issues and apply self-healing remediation, extending management reach and maximizing efficiency and service level performance.

Unified Control, Management and Orchestration: view, control and govern everything from a single integrated dashboard ensuring the availability, performance and security of the entire cloud environment, to increase productivity and do more with existing staff.

Solution capabilities include administration and provisioning of IT assets and applications, remote management, monitoring, service automation and self-healing, IT service level management, security, backup, and proactive reporting and intelligence. Cloud Dynamics delivers tremendous power to the fingertips of IT operations and MSPs, enabling them to streamline management of IT and make better IT and business decisions.

Cloud Dynamics is proud to say that our solutions are in use worldwide in a wide variety of industries including finance, education, government, media, retail, manufacturing, healthcare, technology and others.


Cloud Dynamics has been named as one of the top 25 Up and Coming IT companies in Canada by the Branham300 listing for 2014.
Cloud Dynamics was also a finalist to the Most Promising Startup category of the prestigious TechConnex Technology Leadership Awards 2014.