Distributed Data Centers

Data Center. Redefined.

The data centers of the future are Software Defined. Smaller, geographically distributed, fully automated, orchestrated and interconnected with high speed / ultra-low latency network. The True Cloud will consist of these interconnected data centers. The large cold white room in the middle of nowhere will quickly become a relic of a bygone era as cell towers, Telco POP sites and Cable Companies’ Head-Ends will invariably house these micro data centers.

cd.MDC is a disruptive innovation from Cloud Dynamics. It is the industry’s first SDN (Software-Defined Networking) -enabled data center fabric that fuses multiple geographically distributed, smaller, interconnected data centers to deliver a unified, “always-on”, maximum-available cloud service.

cd.MDC is powered by Cloud Dynamics’ cd.OS and Juniper Networks’ Contrail SDN. cd.OS is an innovative cloud data center orchestration platform that transcends the LAN-WAN barrier in SDN and orchestrates the compute workload across multiple data centers seamlessly. This provides the ability to go far beyond mere application awareness, as the entire network can be treated as a single unified fabric offering absolute application control across all domains. It is specifically engineered from the ground up to meet the stringent security, privacy, performance, scalability, cost and service innovation demands of the business enterprise. It delivers the utmost end-to-end control of data flow within and between the data centers.


Key Features of cd.MDC:

  • Enables MSPs, Telco’s and Cable Companies to become Cloud Service Providers without spending large capital on traditional data centers
  • Transforms existing POP sites and Head-Ends into Cloud Data Center Fabric
  • Keeps the data closer to the origin – Low latency. High Performance
  • Enables “Always-On” Cloud services
  • Creates new revenue streams with NFV (Network Function Virtualization).
  • Ready for Cloud, IoT (Internet of Things) and beyond