Privacy, Security and Compliance


Harness the power of cloud without compromising security and privacy

Cloud Dynamics enables service providers to deliver a robust, advanced and complete, “Trusted Cloud” solution to enterprises and governments. Powered by Cloud Dynamics’ cd.OS, best in class open & standard technologies, high performance compute infrastructure and software-defined security & privacy controls, the “Trusted Cloud” service enables enterprises and governments to harness the power of cloud without compromising security and privacy.

Cloud Dynamics use best practices defined by industry-leading frameworks such as Cloud Security Alliance, NIST and FedRAMP to build a highly secure advanced cloud security framework for our clients. In addition, we have adopted the principles of Privacy by Design (PbD), as pioneered by Ann Cavoukian, Ph.D. 
- Information & Privacy Commissioner
, Ontario, Canada.

Cloud Dynamics’ solutions are implemented on highly standardized and highly secure architecture based on best practices and open standards to maximize security and privacy, including NIST, CSA, PCI DSS, PHIPA, HIPPA, FedRAMP and COBIT.

Cloud Dynamics cloud infrastructure fabric architecture framework includes many layers of protection from the physical data center to the application layer, providing end-to-end security and privacy control.

Key Features


  • Deliver simplified security, privacy, compliance and governance with automated controls that manages end-to-end risk
  • Easier audits with an audit trail of cloud workload
  • Purpose-built cloud infrastructure fabric for cloud security
  • Comprehensive compliance automation with policy enforcements
  • Dynamic infrastructure automation
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Security and privacy monitoring