At a Glance

Data Center. Redefined. Cloud Dynamics combines an unparalleled level of Software-Defined Data Center design, build and operational expertise to deliver a modular, high efficiency and lowest TCO (total cost of ownership) Data Center facility solution. These ultra-high density, Modular Data Centers (cd.MDC) support up to 10 times the usable compute density with more than 50% TCO reduction compared to traditional data centers. cd.MDCs are an ideal fit whether you are deploying into an existing Data Center (DC) to provide high density area or into non-traditional environments, transforming warehouses or basements into high density data centers. The solution is rapidly deployable and is readily integrated into existing management platforms.


Business Challenges

Private DCs owned by Enterprises, Governments and Service Providers are expensive to build and operate. If built to traditional standards, the DC are likely incapable of supporting modern IT equipment power densities and are extremely inefficient in power consumption. Most DC facility managers aren’t given the luxury to know what equipment is coming and when. cd.MDC solves the problem by providing a dynamic DC facilities solution which automatically adjusts cooling as IT equipment is inserted while operating at the highest energy efficiencies.


Solution Overview

Cloud Dynamics’ cd.MDC can transform almost any room into a modular, high density data center. It can be used for new deployments, to increase existing data center capacity or extend the life of your current data center. It is designed to be expandable and can be used to build a modular facility architecture for large data centers. cd.MDC’s architecture significantly lowers CAPEX by not requiring raised floors, CRAC units or air handlers. This simplicity reduces deployment time from years to months. The simplification of systems also brings significant savings in OPEX of the DC since a number of complex mechanical systems are eliminated.

cd.MDC’s modular and scalable nature provide the extreme flexibility in deployment by offering the ability to start as small as 2 racks and scalable to thousands. Dynamic cooling integrated into cd.MDC enables data centers to offer variable rack power handling (6kW/rack up to 27+kW/rack) without sacrificing on PUE (Power Utilization Efficiency). Where Traditional data centers are designed to have its best PUE figures towards the upper end of its capacity, cd.MDC’s software controlled cooling algorithms deliver consistently low PUE throughout the Data Center lifetime adjusting its cooling response and directing cooling only where the heat is generated.

Optional DCM (Data Center Management) software provides tight integration with servers to further enhance capabilities of cd.MDC to provide server level power and thermal monitoring, rack level power optimization and extended run times for business critical applications during prolonged power outages. Traditional, non-DCM enabled data centers have power budgets calculated statically with large safety margins, this results in expensive data center real estate being wasted. The combined cd.MDC with DCM solution supercharges the TCO equation for service providers by enabling individual power management at the server and rack level. cd.MDC provides the dynamic cooling and DCM provides precise server level power consumption control. DCM power management policies applied to servers guarantee that power consumption never exceeds rated power for the cabinet and ensures that each rack operates at its maximum optimized performance based on available power and cooling. cd.MDC with DCM enables data center operators to further increase rack densities and provides options to prioritize workloads without compromising workload performance.


Critical Differentiators

Modular Construction – Modular Spend Clients can start with the smallest 4 cabinet 25kW system and grow. The growth can be tied directly to increased demand and revenue.

10X More Power Density with 50%+ Lower TCO – cd.MDC™ is built with a dynamic ultra-high density cooling and cabinet system that can cool up to 55kW per cabinet. It is designed to simplify the entire data center build and operations to achieve more than 50% TCO reduction in one tenth of the space compared to a legacy/traditional data center.

Infinite and Future-Proofed – cd.MDC allows increasing capacity without increasing footprint or re-engineering.

Software-Defined – cd.MDC is part of the Cloud Dynamics Software-Defined Infrastructure portfolio offering browser and integration interfaces. cd.MDC can be ordered with DCM (Data Center Management) software upgrade which provides server power monitoring and management and implements power policies to further drive up power density within the data center.

Key Features

  • Cost Effective to Build and Operate
  • Scalable & flexible deployment options
  • Rapid deployment
  • Simplified maintenance
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Locally and remotely manageable
  • SNMP enabled
  • High quality, high tensile strength materials
  • Quiet Operation
  • Uptime Institute’s Tier I-IV certifiable

Key Benefits/Results

  • Highly scalable. Start as small as 2 cabinets (1x cd.MDC module) and grow horizontally or vertically. Increase density within the cabinet or add cd.MDC modules.
  • Fully integrated tools. cd.MDC comes complete with a browser interface and local touch-screen panel. cd.MDC is part of the Cloud Dynamics Intelligent Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) portfolio. Optional DCM upgrade provides precise server-level power monitoring and management.
  • Space efficient. cd.MDC can turn a server room of just 200 sq. ft. into a world-class data center. A 1,000 sq. ft. cd.MDC can house more compute capacity than a 10,000 sq.ft. traditional data center.
  • Future proof. Enable full support for emerging “Pervasive Computing” ecosystem with our innovative open architecture.
  • Rapid build time. Gain competitive edge and reach your market in minimal time with cd.MDC. Reach your customers faster with a data center build in as little as 16 Weeks.