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cd.OS is an Intelligent Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI) product offering Enterprises, Governments and Service Providers cloud governance and control across multiple cloud platforms. cd.OS provides customers a true self-service, automated, end-to-end cloud provisioning, management and orchestration solution complete with integrated IT governance and billing modules. It enables organizations to build, deploy, monitor, manage and govern their federated cloud environments (private, public and hybrid) through a single pane of glass.

Business Challenges

Dealing with the complex challenges of building, deploying, managing and operating a wide variety of IT services across private, public and hybrid cloud environments is often a costly and time consuming effort for Enterprises, Governments and Service Providers. cd.OS significantly improves service levels and operational efficiencies of organizations by providing an intuitive, self-service cloud management platform that enables users to build, deploy, monitor, manage and govern their virtual cloud environments. Leveraging SDI interfaces to compute, storage and networking, cd.OS with SDI weaves multiple technology silos into a single cohesive service. cd.OS automation significantly reduces the need for operation labour and simplifies the delivery of new services previously not attainable without SDI. cd.OS makes SDI-based data centres smarter by enabling self-awareness, self-optimizing, self-scaling and self-healing capabilities.

With cd.OS, months turn into minutes as automation allows customers to build and deploy multi-site, multi-tiered cloud environments, servers, load balancers, external IPs and firewall policies. Customers wishing to further automate and integrate their deployments and applications can directly access cd.OS RESTful API interfaces. The entire infrastructure and data center is continually monitored, optimized for performance and any failures are identified with restorative actions are taken automatically.


Solution Overview

cd.OS accelerates the adoption of cloud-based computing platforms by simplifying the administration, deployment, management, governance and compliance requirements of virtual environments across private, public and hybrid cloud platforms. cd.OS enables business organizations and IT departments to focus on the continuous delivery of services efficiently and effectively, embracing IT agility and maximizing IT asset utilization.


Critical Differentiators

Service Catalog

cd.OS Service Catalog allows for the rapid creation and deployment of entire custom cloud environments. Each catalog item is completely customizable down to the number of servers, loadbalancers, public IP addresses and network policies.

Hierarchical Cloud Provisioning and Distribution

Management of resource consumption budgets in multi-tiered cloud environments with powerful consumption reports for different sub-clouds, business units, departments or users.

Themes and White Labeling

For service providers, the ability to easily support resellers and channels can represent a significant revenue opportunity. cd.OS provides the ability for each sub-cloud to be branded with the respective reseller / channel logos.


cd.OS chargeback provides cost management, monitoring and reporting capabilities, enabling organizations to account, monitor and report resource usage and associated costs, giving organizations in-depth information to drive smarter budgeting decisions and predictions about future resource needs. Chargeback and showback features allow for comparative analysis of spend vs. plan to enable user behavioural modifications towards IT spending.

Security Compliance Ready

cd.OS portal can be enabled with secure two-factor authentication for high security requirements. cd.OS also enforces a strict security architecture which is pre-architected to support compliance with PCI, HIPPA, FedRamp and other security frameworks.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive single pane management across multiple, federated cloud platforms (OpenStack, CloudStack, Docker, AWS)
  • Highly secure portal access with optional two-factor authentication
  • Complete self-service provisioning – automation enables users access to provision servers in minutes rather than hours or days, mange security zones, create and configure load balancers, deploy public IPs and set back-end and perimeter firewall policies
  • Full RESTful API access for advanced application integration including those for Cloud Bursting and Cloud Scaling
  • Service catalog – streamlined, one click deployment of applications and environments
  • Hierarchical, role-based access control and policy management, cloud provisioning & distribution of resources
  • Chargeback / showback capability – usage details for every level of account and sub-account
  • Theme management and white labelling
  • Multiple Account Types – Standard, Enterprise and Reseller
  • Security compliance ready for workloads (PCI, HIPPA, FedRamp, etc)

Key Benefits/Results

  • Pay-As-You-Go. cd.OS is delivered as a competitively priced solution in the true spirit of Cloud
  • Drive Business Efficiency. cd.OS significantly improves operations by providing service-centric cloud environment management, enabling faster service delivery, greater IT agility and cost savings
  • Enable Business Growth. cd.OS drives business efficiencies and conversion of your IT department into a service-enabled organization, ensuring that it responds to your flexible business demands
  • Support Business Innovation. cd.OS addresses the complex challenges of building, deploying and managing your cloud environment, which removes barriers for collaboration and enables new product and service development

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