Professional Services

Cloud Dynamics Professional Services offers a set of standard consulting engagements designed to help customers get the most out of cd.OS and the converged infrastructure it manages. Whether you need a new cd.OS Site provisioned or are adopting a converged infrastructure for the first time, Cloud Dynamics can help you execute in a timely manner and with minimal risk.

Customized consulting engagements are available for organizations that have more unique needs. Customers may leverage these services to provide temporary administrative or architectural help as they adopt cd.OS. Other Customized Professional Service areas include migration, cloud assessment and architecture solution.

Cloud POC (2 days) – The cd.OS POC (Proof-of-Concept) Service provides customers with a fully functional, standalone cloud for evaluation on customer provided hardware. As a prerequisite to this engagement, the customer will need to provide a compatible hardware platform (compute, storage, networking and firewalls), cabled and connected, ready for implementation. Cloud Dynamics consultants will install and configure the converged infrastructure including hypervisors, orchestration engine, two basic OS templates and cd.OS CMP (Cloud Management Platform). Basic training will be provided to orient the customers in the operations of cd.OS. cd.OS will be provided license free for up to 1 month during this evaluation period.

Cloud Startup (10 days) – The cd.OS Startup engagement is designed to be both functional and interactive to ensure that the customer engages technically to ramp up on cloud knowledge. At the conclusion of this engagement, the customer will have:

  • a fully functional, production cloud ready for client onboarding
  • basic training on operations and maintenance of the cloud including skillset to work with the customer to onboard into the cloud

The customer will need to provide a compatible hardware platform (compute, storage, networking and firewalls), cabled and connected, ready for implementation.

The start of the engagement involves assessment of the customer’s existing environment to best determine the strategy for integration and implementation. Any prerequisite gaps will be identified at this stage. At the conclusion of this phase, a high level architecture of the cloud and it’s connectivity to the customer existing environment will be provided. Subsequently, Cloud Dynamics consultants will perform the installation and build of the converged infrastructure including hypervisors, orchestration engine, basic OS templates (max 5) and cd.OS CMP. On completion of the cloud build, cd.OS training will be provided as a combo consisting of formal training on basic operations and maintenance of the cloud and mentored training where Cloud Dynamics consultants shadow customer staff in the hypothetical or real onboarding for a client. The training is designed to make the customer staff proficient in operations and client onboarding.


Cloud Dynamics OpenStack Knowledge Transfer (OSKT)

OpenStack is quickly becoming the cloud infrastructure technology choice for organizations. A recent IDG survey found that 84% of companies plan to use OpenStack in the near future. But 55% of those companies also reported they are struggling with the staffing to do so. Cloud Dynamics OSKT is designed to provide CSPs with OpenStack basics, enough to be proficient on day-to-day operations of an OpenStack environment. An Advanced OpenStack training is available as well for those who are interested in more details on setting up and tweaking OpenStack.

OpenStack Basics (3 days) – Overview of OpenStack including: architecture model, key components / modules, open source development and workflow and creation of templates, flavours, accounts. Operations training will include: Management via Horizon, storage management, network management, compute management, security overview, intro to working with different hypervisors and day-to-day operations.

OpenStack Advanced (5 days) – Topics include: Planning for deployment, Deeper dive into OpenStack modules, installation, configuration (Compute -Nova, Object Storage – Swift, Block Storage – Cinder, Networking – Neutron, Dashboard – Horizon, Identity Service -Keystone, Image Service -Glance, Telemetry – Ceilometer) and Architecture options for deployment.

Cloud Dynamics cd.OS (1 day) – In depth course on operations and administration on cd.OS for MSP administrators and end users. Students will receive comprehensive training on setting up cd.OS, its architecture and provisioning. This course covers both user types MSP.admin and regular users.


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