Managed Service Providers

“We need to become a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to keep up with our competition, but there are likely years of planning, research, and development required, not to mention the investment and risk involved to do it right. Where do we even start?”

Cloud Dynamics can help transform an MSP to a Cloud Service Provider. We can turn a regular Managed Service Provider (MSP) into a high-end Cloud Service Provider in just six to eight weeks. Cloud Dynamics has the blueprint, expertise and patented technologies to seamlessly and painlessly transform your operation into one at the forefront of cloud technology. Your customers will enjoy the benefits of your cloud offerings and you will maximize your profits.

You are right. It will take years to transition to a Cloud Service Provider, starting from scratch. Delivering an efficient and cost effective cloud service to your clients without compromising security, privacy and reliability is not an easy task. It demands end-to-end efficiency:


Data Center Efficiency:

Cloud demands extreme data center efficiencies including space, power and cooling – whether you own the data center or you are hosted in a co-lo – to drive the overall service delivery cost down.


IT Infrastructure Efficiency:

Cloud IT infrastructure must be consolidated, standardized, automated and orchestrated end-to-end to maximize asset utilization (up to 90%) and minimize the cost of delivering cloud services.


Organizational Efficiency:

Cloud service demands a true Service-Oriented Enterprise with converged, unified and highly-specialized teams and streamlined, automated and strictly enforced processes

Cloud Demands Discipline. It demands simplicity. It is a paradigm shift.

Cloud Dynamics has solved these problems.


Cloud Dynamics can transform your organization into a high end Cloud Service Provider in as little as 12 weeks.


“Cloud computing is the fifth wave, firms must ride it or be swept away.”

- Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware