Telcos & Cablecos

“How can we use the power of the cloud to deliver value-added business services? We already have significant investments tied up in our infrastructure but we probably need a new high end data center, expensive hardware, highly skilled resources and years of development to make this happen. Where do we even start?”

No need to build a huge, monolithic data center, simply transform POPs and Headends into high density, high efficiency, distributed cloud data centers to deliver “Always-On” cloud in just six to eight weeks. Cloud Dynamics has the blueprint, expertise, and patented technologies to seamlessly and painlessly transform your operation into one at the forefront of cloud technology. Your customers will enjoy the benefits of your cloud offering, while you will create new revenue streams and increase your profits.

You already have significant space/power and communications infrastructure in POPs and Headends,so why not transition to a Cloud Service Provider by implementing a high density, distributed data center overlay? Becoming a Cloud Service Provider requires development…

…in technology

  • Compact, geographically distributed, high density data center fabric
  • Efficient and cost effective IT infrastructure
  • Efficient governance, control and compliance
  • Efficient processes

…and in organizational culture:

  • Highly specialized technical skill set
  • Highly standardized, automated and orchestrated infrastructure

Cloud Dynamics has solved these problems.


Cloud Dynamics can transform your organization into a high end Cloud Service Provider in as little as 12 weeks.


“…operators share a vision that enterprise cloud services will be a major contributor to their revenue growth over the next decade.”

- Caroline Chappell, Senior Analyst, Heavy Reading